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Why Taking Action Creates Success

Updated: May 14, 2019

How does action help you??

On my calendar just to the right of my computer in my home office is a large post it with the words "Just Do It". Why do these words matter?

Just Do It

Thinking about doing something does not have the impetus that actual physical activity does no matter how complex your thinking may be. However, once your physical body is committed to an action, your mind must go along and then the magic happens.

No matter what the task, I have found that once I commit, time loses it's dimension and I am absorbed and feel what has been termed various things from being in a state of "flow" coined by Csikszentmihalyi (1997) to being in the "zone" according to the work based on the Zone of Optimal Function research by Hanin (1980). Whatever you choose to call it, you are operating at a higher than average manner. In these moments, we tend to experience joy and fulfillment according to researchers who have studied these phenomenon. (Citations).

The case for being in flow

Why pursue your goals? Is this a selfish endeavor? Would this mean being irresponsible? How would the world be if we all contributed the best of ourselves each day because we were in the Zone as we were doing what we were meant to do? Using your talents and gifts is what being in the flow is all about. If you can find more opportunities to operate in this way, what would your life feel like?

“But I don't have any talents or gifts...”

#Everyone_has_talents_and_gifts, make no mistake. It may be that you are one of those whose talents and gifts are under appreciated or unrecognized. Those talents and gifts are definitely there. We exist to make a difference in this world during our lives. Who do you impact? How do you impact them? What do you want to leave as your legacy? What difference do you want to make in this world?

#Create_A_New_Path_Dr_G_Coaching is here to have these conversations and clarify your goals and co-create your roadmap to success.

You are here to make a difference. Count on it.


Dr. G


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