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Time for a Change - Pebble in the Shoe

Updated: May 14, 2019

In the business of life, and the crush of many "to do" lists, consider this: what am I doing that is moving me toward my highest goal?

Majestic trees reaching for the sun.
Majestic trees reaching for the sun.

When you stop to take inventory, there is something to notice. A mentor of mine mentioned this long ago and I have never forgotten. It was the pebble in the shoe. What the heck does a pebble have to do with anything, you may be asking yourself. Well, think about it for a moment...

When you walk and happen to get a pebble in your shoe, it is difficult to walk far without having to stop and take it out. This is similar to what happens when something keeps niggling you in the back of your mind about your current job or course in life that tells you that something is off and needs your attention. Do you pay attention right away? Will the pebble need to make your foot hurt first before you pay attention?

Those pebbles are signals that something is going wrong and need attention. The signs and signals are small at first and will grow over time. Are you listening and paying attention to them? These could be signs that a change needs to be made.

Change is part of life

If there are pebbles in your life, what categories do they fall into? One way to think about this is to journal on the topic either in a paper journal or online to yourself. Think it through and see where it leads you. Another option would be to discuss it with a trusted friend. Another option would be to see a coach. Seeing a coach would be wise if you are clear on a change you are ready to make. Begin with your own exploration by attending to that pebble. Something is going on. Listen to yourself first. A coach can help you gain clarity and help you prioritize your goals. #Change is part of life. #Growth accompanies change.

When you are ready to deal with those pebbles and prioritize your goals, #CreateANewPath-DrGCoaching can assist you. Just as the trees illustrated in the photo in this blog, change and growth are part of life and I look forward to working with you.


Dr. G

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