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As a first-generation Latina, Dr. G recognizes how difficult it can be to progress through higher education systems and organizational systems without role models and mentors.  Learning how to function and navigate these systems has been an education unto itself and became the driver for the doctoral research on first-generation community college Latinas who achieved their associate's degrees and the stories they shared about the challenges they overcame in achieving those degrees.  Finding mentors was a common theme across their stories.  Coaching and mentoring is something I have found, based on the study of these Latinas and the literature, is still critical to the success of Latinas in our society today.  I love the work that I do with Latina leaders in business and in academia.  I relate to the challenges and recognize that there is much work yet to be done in finding equity in our world for women of color in all areas.

If you have professional goals and academic aspirations, give Dr. G a call to crystalize your gameplan and co-create your roadmap.  Success awaits you!!

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."


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